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ESC Aluminum Trench Shield

Updated: Apr 8

With the significant upgrade required on existing infrastructure in the US and the new housing growth the market for trench shoring products continues to look very promising. The vast percentage of trench shoring material is temporary, and this allows contractors rental and purchase options.

ESC Trench Shoring, Inc., a NAXSA and NUCA member and a recognized provider in the global stage has now launched its latest product line of aluminum trench shields and sheet piles.

trench boxes for rent

ESC’s array of trench shoring and safety products has been enhanced by the inclusion of the ABX Series- an Aluminum Trench Shield (Trench Box) developed by ESC’s engineering arm. The production of Aluminum Trench Shields will be carried out in Mexico to supplement the capacity of the UAE and allow more direct sales into the West Coast of the US and into Latin America.

Trench Shield

Previously, all production was centered around our UAE facilities and the introduction of US (Steel Trench Shields) and Mexico based facilities will help complement our range of Steel Trench Shields and Sheets in providing optimum solutions for all types and sizes of excavation and trenching jobs in North America and globally.

ESC will now also eye distribution of the aluminum trench shields and equipment in newer markets like the UK, South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Aluminum Trench Shield

The ABX Series’ light weight makes it ideal for applications using smaller units of machineries such as mini-excavators and rubber-tired backhoes or similar. ABX Trench Shields are manufactured using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy making it light but sturdy- the physical attributes that suits it best for smaller jobs such as routine maintenance works, on-the-spot repairs, and many more.

ESC Aluminum Shields which are available in commercial and custom sizes have the following features and benefits:

  • Compliant to OSHA Standards

  • Fabricated from 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy (aircraft grade)

  • 3” Wall Thickness

  • 4” Spreader Thickness (Steel)

  • 4-points Lifting Lugs

  • Lengths up to 16ft

  • Heights up to 8ft

  • Cost-effective (Easy Installation & Lightweight)

  • Adjustable Spreaders at close increments

  • Does not rust

 ABX Series

The actual, downscaled prototype of the ABX Series awaits for customers in the ESC Cornelius office where anyone can feel and explore its robustness while discussing project needs with our competent professionals.

ESC offers a complete line of steel and aluminum trench shields that covers a very wide range of pressure ratings and project site configurations, locally and internationally.

If anyone asks, which is better, Steel or Aluminum Trench Shield? There are comparisons between the two with reference to their economic and overall performance. Find out here: Which Is Better, Steel or Aluminum Trench Shield?

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For more information or Professional Assistance for your Excavation and Trenching Projects, please do not hesitate to visit our website and email us at

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