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* Depth ratings include consideration of surcharge load of 72 psf.

* All 4’ and 6’ shields can be used as Extension Shields.

* As per NAXSA recommendations, depth of cut has been limited to 40ft for types A, B and C60 soil, and 30ft for C80 soil regardless of the capacity of the shield. If deeper cuts are required, it is recommended that a professional engineer is engaged to evaluate the site and soil conditions and specify a suitable trench shield or other shoring solution.


  • Soil type to be determined by qualified competent person.

  • Assembly as per ESC procedures

  • As member of NAXSA (North American Excavation Shoring Association) ESC adheres to all industry norms and regulations. We advise all clients to refer to NAXSA Approved Excavation Safety Regulations.

manhole trench shields series

ESC Manhole Boxes provide a four-wall shield for utmost worker safety. They are specially built for maintenance hole installations, tie-ins, and repair work. ESC manhole boxes offer the flexibility you need with the protection compliant with OSHA requirements. Manhole boxes can be used in combination with the standard trench shields for different applications.

.5" sch 80 spreaders

x series 4-sided manhole boxes and stackers


  • Optional knife edge or flat bottom.

  • Trapezoid cutouts 3' x 5'

tapping boxes
steel tap boxes made in USA
Manhole Trench Shields
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